The word blog is an abbreviation of the word web log; throughout the years, it has been condensed into the word blog.

A blog is simply a place on the internet where people regularly post articles. Blogging has become one of the most popular hobbies among Internet savvy.

The difference between a blog and a standard website is the fact that blogs are articles posted regularly, such as every day, week, or month, and so on. The more often you post new articles to a blog, the more chances you have to get regular reading fans.


Blob post introduction.

As for a website, that is more a platform for specific articles or news pertaining to the website's subject, missions, or type of item they sell. Those articles are very rarely updated.

Most blogs are centered around a specific subject such as; travel, cooking, gardening, blogging, writing, book reviews, health, and weight loss, and so many many more.

Every blog differs depending on the blogger's personality; that is what makes this platform so interesting to a vast plain of readers.

On this blog, you will find many articles about health and weight loss. You will also find recipes along with tips and tricks to find better health in general.

Your participation in this blog is essential. By leaving your comments and reviews, it hereby allows us to know what subjects you would like us to cover.

Please keep your questions short and concise.

It will be our pleasure to answer any and all constructive questions about the subject of this blog and website.

Thank you for reading us.