Self-growth | Personal development

Personal development

As you surely already know, being fit and beautiful on the outside is not all that it’s crack up to be.

If you are miserable on the inside, nothing outside of you will ever make you feel happy in a deep, prolonged and meaningful way.

That is why I created the “Food for the soul” tab and more specifically this self-growth page.

The mind is such an endless frontier to explore.

You have the power of miracles within your own mind.

You can use your mind to help you with any task, course, competition, performance…

By simply visualizing the action at hand, you are firing the same neural connections as you would taking the actual action.

For example, if you visualize yourself thin, healthy and effortlessly doing something you presently cannot do easily. This WILL help you on your weight loss journey to health.

Also, any great athlete will tell you that they always spend time everyday visualizing their whole routine or performance. This helps them reach their goals and even surpass themselves.

If you would like to change something in your life. If you would like to have something… visualize it… create new neural connections and you will get extraordinary results.

That is powerful stuff! Isn’t it?

Expand your horizons

That being said, as much as your body needs to be fed the right things to strive, the same goes for your mind.

You need to nourish your mind with useful, and intelligent content.

The more you feed it quality material, the more it will grow and expand in knowledge and wisdom.

Explore it, use it, meditation on it…