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On this page, you will find plenty of weight loss exercises.

Weight loss exercises are a wonderful way to help burn extra fat off the body.

In fact, any physical activity is a great way to keep inflammation down, and allow the joints to stay flexible and pain free.

Working out also aids in making oxygen flow throughout every muscle of the body, thus nourishing them.

Oxygen-Muscle nourishment

Your muscles use oxygen to produce ATP energy (adenosine triphosphate). The process is simple. When you breathe, your body gets oxygen. It enters the blood stream and is carried to all of your muscles, where some of it is used immediately, and the rest is stored by a compound called myoglobin.

Whether you’re exercising or not, the oxygen in your body is used to break down glucose and create the fuel for your muscles called ATP.

Which is also one of the reasons why it is said that doing simple deep breathing exercises help in losing weight. Isn’t that worth a nice big breath?

After exercises you’ve used up the stores of ATP, glycogen, and myoglobin. Oxygen is required to refill all of these deficiencies, which is why this simple compound is so crucial to your recovery.

Four things take place during recovery.

  1. Steady breathing begins to replenish the oxygen in your body, which helps to refill the myoglobin oxygen stores in your muscles.
  2. When you drink a protein shake or even eat an energy bar, oxygen is used to convert this food into glucose, to refill your body’s glycogen supplies.
  3. Then the combination of glycogen and oxygen works to restore ATP levels in your body, which has been depleted completely.
  4. Finally, you’ve got all of the built up lactic acid in the kidneys and liver to deal with. Oxygen is required to break this acid down in order to convert it to pyruvic acid, which is then broken down into ATP.
weight loss exercises

Some exercise in better then none

All in all, try to keep to a schedule, even if it’s only 5 minutes per day.

Of course, if you can do 1 to 3 hours of exercises per day or every other day, you will see results much faster.

Here we will cover weight loss exercises for men and women. Some specific exercises to do at home or at the gym. 

We will cover cardio workouts and some targeted  movements.

Come back often, as we will be adding a lot more videos for your delight.

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